Pentatonic Licks & Sequences

Brief disclaimer:  As with anything else on this site, you are welcome (encouraged, in fact) to freely share and distribute the materials posted here. However, they must be shared or distributed for free, and proper attribution should be given. Thanks!

The audio (.wav) files for the PLS book are contained in the links below, along with PDF sheets for easy viewing and printing. Right-click on the link, and download and extract the zip file. Each zip file is a section of the PLS book, one pentatonic box at a time. The audio files are in two speeds, 60 bpm and 120 bpm. Each lick is played once, before moving on to the next lick in the section.






Videos will be posted for each section as soon as possible.

Please email at if there are any issues with downloading, extracting, or playing the files. Thanks!

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