Free Download Weekend 8/29-9/1!

Do you like guitar? Do you like free stuff? Do you like free guitar stuff? Should we feel ashamed at asking such obvious questions?

Well, to celebrate the Labor Day holiday weekend, and because we appreciate you, the entire PTG Kindle library will be up for FREE downloads for four days, August 29th through September 1st!

You know the drill — grab ’em all, tell your friends, drop some reviews on the Amazon pages. Most of all, play hard and have fun!

Holiday Weekend Discounts and Free Downloads!

For the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, the entire PTG catalog will be either discounted up to 75% or FREE.

Presto and Climbing the K2 will be available for free downloads on May 25th and 26th, while Practice Power, Pentatonic Licks & Sequences, and Hanon for Guitar: Inside Out will be on a Kindle Countdown from May 24th through the 26th. For the Countdown deals, prices start at just 99¢ on the 24th, then go to $1.99 on the 25th, and $2.99 on the 26th.

Get loaded and ready for a summer of great guitar playing, for less than a cup of coffee!

Free Kindle Books April 1st!

No foolin’ — on April 1st, the entire PTG catalog for Kindle is FREE!

You don’t even need to go out and buy a Kindle, just pick up the free download for your computer. Tell your friends, grab your downloads, leave some reviews, and spread the word. Get all 6 PTG books for the price of none!

Remember also that if you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow any book any time for free! (Amazon Prime’s borrow limit is one book per month.)

[Update 4/2/14:  Just wanted to thank everyone for the fantastic response yesterday — over 12,000 PTG books were downloaded in just 24 hours! Again, please leave reviews on the books’ Amazon pages, spread the word about the books and the site, and by all means, please drop us a line at if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks again for your participation!]

Free Books All Weekend!

One more promo before we get back to some lessons and tabs. To kick off November, and the release of the new Pentatonic Licks & Sequences, the entire PTG catalog will be available for free download at points throughout the weekend. Practice Power, Hanon for Guitar:  Inside Out, and Hanon Sampler are free today only, Climbing the K2 and Presto are free today through Sunday (Nov. 1-3), and Pentatonic Licks & Sequences is free Saturday through Monday (Nov. 2-4). We’ll have additional sales for all the books at various times throughout the rest of the year.

Supercharge your playing in multiple ways for FREE with PTG e-books!

Free Download Weekend!

We’re about to release the biggest, baddest guitar book yet, called 5060 Hot Pentatonic Licks, and to celebrate, we’re going to make this Friday (the 13th) your lucky day! This Friday and Saturday, the entire PTG catalog will be available for free download! Catch ’em all at the links below:

Practice Power

Climbing the K2


Hanon for Guitar:  Inside Out

Hanon Sampler

Make it a lucky Friday the 13th with FREE guitar books!

Kindle Books Update

Thanks to everyone who checked in on the free promo weekend, we had over 2,000 downloads, and Practice Power is currently at #6 in the Top 100 Paid for Techniques. Since we’re only allowed to run 5 free days every 3 months, but we still want to give you a great deal, the prices for both Practice Power and Climbing the K2 are discounted 25%. Each book will give ideas and information for players of any skill level, for far less than the cost of a single lesson!

We’re also preparing the next three PTG books, which will be released throughout the summer. In the meantime, please keep checking in — later this week, we’ll have blues licks, interval examples, triads, and more!

Free Download Weekend!

How would you like to get two — yes, two — free guitar books right now? Each of these books could change the way you think about and play the guitar. Practice Power and Climbing the K2 are both FREE at Amazon, from May 24-27. Click on the links in this post, or at the top of the right sidebar.

Free sound files for the Climbing the K2 tabs will be posted on the Resources page over the weekend.

Please leave a review at the Amazon pages for the books, if you have the time; reviews help keep the books up in the rankings and on Amazon’s radar. Thanks, and have a great weekend!

PTG Books Available on Kindle!

OK, folks, the big day is here — Practice Power and Climbing the K2 are both available today for Kindle on Amazon. You can order either via the above links, or click on the icons on the right sidebar. We will be doing a discount promotion soon as well, but at $3.99 for each book, they are competitively priced, and each will provide knowledge, guidance, and reference that would require many hours of professional lessons.

PTG Books for Kindle

Hey everyone, just a quick note of appreciation to all of you who have been coming through and checking out the site. We’re still getting people dropping in from all over the world, from Romania to South Africa to Sacramento to Calgary. Please keep your questions and comments coming, either here or email me directly at .

May is going to be the kickoff month for a huge summer here at PTG. In addition to continuing the regular content here, May will see the publication of two Kindle e-books at Amazon.

Practice Power will elaborate on some of the articles earlier in the year about how to get the most out of your practice environment, materials, and work habits. Rather than swamping you with tons of tab exercises to sort through, Practice Power focuses on how to sort through it all in the first place, and save yourself hundreds or thousands of hours in the long run by practicing the right material.

Climbing the K2 will feature the Kreutzer Etude #2 we profiled several months ago, with tons of additional material — musical analysis, tab to perform the piece in lower and higher octaves, and custom exercises specifically designed to play the K2! Given how brief — yet effective — the K2 is, pound for pound it may be one of the most effective exercises for accelerating the development of your fingers and your ears. Can a 25-bar violin piece written 220 years ago really help you crack the code to being a great player? Check out Climbing the K2 and see for yourself!

Planned release date for Practice Power is May 6, and for Climbing the K2 May 11. Stay tuned for further updates on release dates, great discount offers, free MP3 files to accompany the tabs, and more classical pieces to be released over the summer!