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Just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported Purple Tiger so far. We’re averaging thousands of visits every week, from dozens of countries around the world, which is incredible. Word is spreading and increasing steadily.

If you’re interested, please consider checking out one or more of the PTG books currently available at Amazon for the Kindle. All of the books are priced at $3.99 or lower, so for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you’ll get a set of instructional materials that will supercharge your playing, and give you more musical knowledge.

There are also several ways you can support the site with just a couple of minutes of your time, and without spending a dime of your hard-earned cash:

  • Keep an eye out for free download days and weekends for the books, and grab one.
  • Leave a review at Amazon.
  • Keep spreading the word.
  • Like our Facebook page, as well as individual posts or articles here that you enjoy.

Remember also, if you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow any of the PTG books for free!

Again, thanks for all your support!

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