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Hey everyone, just a quick note of appreciation to all of you who have been coming through and checking out the site. We’re still getting people dropping in from all over the world, from Romania to South Africa to Sacramento to Calgary. Please keep your questions and comments coming, either here or email me directly at .

May is going to be the kickoff month for a huge summer here at PTG. In addition to continuing the regular content here, May will see the publication of two Kindle e-books at Amazon.

Practice Power will elaborate on some of the articles earlier in the year about how to get the most out of your practice environment, materials, and work habits. Rather than swamping you with tons of tab exercises to sort through, Practice Power focuses on how to sort through it all in the first place, and save yourself hundreds or thousands of hours in the long run by practicing the right material.

Climbing the K2 will feature the Kreutzer Etude #2 we profiled several months ago, with tons of additional material — musical analysis, tab to perform the piece in lower and higher octaves, and custom exercises specifically designed to play the K2! Given how brief — yet effective — the K2 is, pound for pound it may be one of the most effective exercises for accelerating the development of your fingers and your ears. Can a 25-bar violin piece written 220 years ago really help you crack the code to being a great player? Check out Climbing the K2 and see for yourself!

Planned release date for Practice Power is May 6, and for Climbing the K2 May 11. Stay tuned for further updates on release dates, great discount offers, free MP3 files to accompany the tabs, and more classical pieces to be released over the summer!

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